Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time in the Mountains, A Reflection

Hello all you lovely Viva My Yoginis. 
It's been a while and I've missed you all! I've been busy frolicking in the mountains and enjoying the hot, ephemeral blast of summer that Montana provides. It sure is beautiful here.

I've recently become a regular columnist with Elephant Journal.
Which is great because in one day I can write a post and then share it with the world.

Mountain Time, a Reflection for Just Being, is one of those. I decided to share a journal entry I wrote when I was returning from my travels this past winter. My journaling is very personal and very intimate to me. I write poetry and lyrics often, but I don't tend to share what comes out from my most exposed and vulnerable, free form self. I keep those parts of me locked inside to protect and share only when very comfortable.

I've decided to take the reins of my own being and start sharing some of my deeper vulnerabilities. I want to speak my truths and not be afraid to be completely open about all parts of myself, not just the ones that seem desirable or comfortable for me to share.

What's better than stumbling across a HEART shaped lake?
Swimming and sun bathing in its glory.
Nature provides.

Because we're all lovable, exactly as we are. And if we don't share and express our unique selves, our confidences and our vulnerabilities, we shy away from some of our most tender and lovable parts.

I hope you are inspired to share your vulnerabilities & affirm your worth.
For in doing so you are embracing your full potential.
Which we all deserve.

Namasté, Jess

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