Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Power of Deep Belly Breath & Horse Trouble

When I lived in Argentina I became a vegan. 
Argentina is considered to be the #1 worst country in the world to be a vegetarian in.
Figures. I always said 'well if I can do it here, I can do it anywhere.'

My local fruit & veggie stands were my livelihood in terms of getting all my nutritional needs. The guys working the stands never really understood how I didn't eat meat or dairy, but they were happy and proud to know that majority of my food was coming from them. I explained the importance of eating the colors of the rainbow and getting a full variety of vitamins and minerals. It quickly became a game for them to help me collect all the colors on my weekly shopping trips. It's in these produce stands that I learned the word arcoiris, or rainbow, in Spanish.

Well I'm no longer a vegan and I no longer live in Argentina. But all this time studying nutrition and my body coincided with my love of yoga and sharing it with the world.

If you've been in a yoga or meditation class with me, you know I always start out with awareness of the breath and then some deep belly breathing. It's the perfect way to transition form monkey mind to blissful mind. It also creates an outlet for moving beyond the physical form as well as  finding appreciation for your buddha belly.

The energy body is accessed through the breath.
The breath is the link to our feelings.
Our feelings link us to our thoughts.
Our thoughts link us to our beliefs about ourselves.

By accessing our breath we have an outlet to understand ourselves better.
In my latest elephant journal article, Deep Belly Breath & Misbehaving Horses, I explain how deep belly breath can affect us, our horses, our emotions, our digestion, our children, and our mindset.

Namasté y'all!

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