Friday, December 20, 2013

Buenos Aires and Bold New Beginnings

Howdy y'all!!! Hola a todos!!!

So it's been a while since I've been on here and I apologize for that! 
My fall has been sorta crazy with family news, career developments, and just finding my groove in some new ways. But mainly just working hard to put together so many new offerings for all of YOU!

I've published a new Elephant Journal article:

This article embodies so much of who I am today and what is at the heart of Viva My Yoga.
I often get emails of people across the globe looking for belief and encouragement in their dreams and I am more than happy to oblige. I hope this article helps any and all of you out there needing a kick in the butt and wanting further inspiration to follow you dreams and see where the road takes you.


My graphic designer (and now website developer), Lydia Lardy, did such an amazing job in helping me to get a site up that truly embodies the Viva My Yoga spirit. I am so proud of what it evokes when I peruse the site's pages. I hope you can enjoy getting lost there too. I'm also passionate about the #reset button on my new site brings me to my 3rd point...



My summer passion project, a movie I made out my mom's ranch. This was a highlight of my year to make and take part in. A true story of just putting your visions out there and seeing what it manifests. Trust. Belief. Action. Gratitude. Thanks to my life coach Sally Hope and her Wildheart Revolution for being a major impetus for kicking my butt into gear(another post to touch on the importance of this video soon).

the Holidaze & beautiful Montana

Here in Bozeman lately it's been lots of weather below zero, clear beautiful days, and abundant snow. I love the extremeness of the weather here, it's such a wonderful opportunity in staying present, no matter what craziness around you. There's also something a tad thrilling & sexy about it. Like anything and everything is possible.

I hope you take that possibility and
all have marvelous & wonderful, plentiful & bountiful...
Happy Holidays.


ps- thanks Papa Joe for reminding me to believe in myself and be proud of who I am today. You're a guiding light in this spiritual warrior's life!

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