Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your 3 Little Words - New Year's 2014 Intentions

Soooooo the New Year is among us and I am curious what all you Viva My Yoginis are hoping for in 2014?!?

Valparaíso, Chile

There is so much that I have done in the way of intention setting in the past; I have manifested and journaled my needs until I've turned blue in the face and gotten writer's cramp in the hand.

But lately I haven't wanted to be as specific in my manifesting. Yes, I definitely want to put my creativity out there and set certain goals for myself - and I most assuredly will continue to do so. But when I get so detailed sometimes I lose sight of the bigger picture.

And right now I'd like to allow for more ease and to let things come to me. Which is why I'm sticking to 3 little (or actually, pretty BIG) words.

So, why and how to choose just 3???

Well as for intentions, I believe that the clearer we are in our wants & needs, the more likely we are to receive. It's that simple (even if sometimes it comes to bite you in the ass).

But too often we set intentions for what we want outside of ourselves. The easiest example that comes to mind is in love & relationship. We say, 'I want a man who speaks 4 languages, knows his way around a chainsaw, has blue eyes and is 5'10' or taller, yadi yada, blah, blah, blah.


Because often that 'ideal' comes along and yet we're still left with our own uncertainty or unhappiness surrounding us. And we think, but this is exactly what I asked for, why do I still feel so unfulfilled, incomplete?

It's because we're focusing on specifics of what we think will make us happy rather than just focusing on the way we want to feel in the first place. So let's start there.

i.e. I want to feel loved and cherished; I want to feel stimulated and deeply appreciated; I want to feel adored and loved unconditionally; I want to feel valued in my job and that my potential is actualized; I want to feel excitement and adventure...

I want to feel [fill in the blank].

My beloved Montana

Once you have a pretty good idea of how it is you want to feel, then I suggest you break those ideas down into the three most important to you, in this moment. If you can't decide: do a comparison chart and use your intuition to rate each feeling side by side until you get the ones that win out over the rest.

Here are my 3 words for 2014:


It's a joy to embrace that which is most important to us as living, breathing, spiritual beings. It doesn't have to be so complex, let it be easy. Decide what is most important and the rest will follow.

Now it's your turn, what are your 3 little or BIG words to bring you into the New Year?
Happy Year of the Horse & Namasté!!!!

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