Monday, November 11, 2013

Bad@ss Traveler - Semra Jumper

Alright y'all! 
It's time for another bad@ss traveler 

Semra Jumper.

Semra and I met in Montana this past summer when she was Couchsurfing on the couch of a friend of mine. We instantly developed a lovely friendship based off many shared interests - yoga, organic farming, WWOOFing, Couchsurfing, travel, meditation, brewing kombucha, and the like!

She has since inspired me in so many ways. Her work out here was with the Montana Conservation Corps. I admire the dedication these folks have to the nth degree. They upkeep our trails, live in the wilderness, and really create a strong and dynamic group mentality that aims to give back.

Semra is now venturing off to Asheville & Atlanta (we're both Southerners at heart!), then over to Turkey to visit her mother's homeland and the family she has there. She plans to explore Europe and WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) on organic farms throughout Turkey.

Read Semra's wonderful & poetic wisdom here:

Greetings, friends!
I'm writing to you from my hosts' kitchen. I took an impromptu couchsurfing trip out to Missoula (**Montana**) and my journey has thus brought so many great new folks into my life. A refreshing reminder that there is good in the world, an abundance of at that!

My experiences have inspired me to share these words with you:

Semra in New York Ciry
What does the word travel entail to you? 

Take Raw And Vital Energetic Leaps. 

How have you created your life around your travel & your travel around your life (and made it sustainable)? 

I've chosen jobs these past few years based on new locations and places that I've wanted to see. My subsistence revolves around my desire to explore --

What’s one travel memory that had a truly lasting affect, a total life changing or ah-ha moment? 

In between jobs last winter solstice, I stayed with a close friend in Asheville. On downtown adventures, bike rides, hikes and coffee outings I have discovered that I have a community whereever I go. Positivity attracts positivity; radiate kindness and you never know who'll walk into your life. 

What’s one thing that you love to do in any new place?

Find the local paper, hit up the hip co-op, and go to yoga class! Oh, sorry, that was more than one thing. 
(**couldn't agree more, Semra!**)

What was a travel situation you found very trying & how did you pull through it?

Traveling with family can be tough; they're the best but sometimes come with complications, let's be real. But the shared memories are a strong link that will bond you forever. 

How do you feel you inspire others?

I believe in the subtle energies. I believe we all make impacts -- why not Leave Positive Traces? 
Exchange smiles with strangers. 

Semra's current mission: 
To step out into the unknown and take a giant leap into the Universe. 

What’s something that inspires you to keep exploring? 

I want to see it all! I want to meet all the beautiful radical souls. Every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow, so be strange things in new cities. Say yes to the universe. 

Working hard with her MCC crew.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who feels stuck in their current life or afraid to take that first step?

Take small steps, friend. Spend the day walking around town and you'll find that magical things lay before you. Do the things you need to do to nurture yourself too -- go to yoga class, go for a run, buy local ;) 

What's one lesson or realization you would hope to always carry with you after spending so much time in nature?

Society can be a distraction from our innate wildness. A good trip into the backcountry can give you back the stars, it'll give you moose and raptors, frozen boots in the morning, and a hot meal after a long day of hiking. I couldn't imagine a better way to reset my weary self from the stresses of a societal life. 

Thank you for taking the time to indulge with me in these thoughts and opinionings. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. 

Semra Jumper
Voyageur and Trail Feaery

So there you have it folks! Are you feeling inspired? Comment below on what resonated with you!
**contact if you are interested in getting in touch with Semra!**

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