Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Beautiful Bozeman Leaves

Help Me Goddess (Thank You, Please) was written when I got thrown a bit of a curve ball in life. 
I was grateful for my practice of looking to something a bit bigger, asking for help from a force that is grander than any one of us on our own.

And honestly curve balls can show up every day and in every way. So asking for guidance should be something we feel free to do on a regular basis. It helps to avoid the bull sh*t and to find an easier, more graceful glide to our path. 

I think that as a society we often feel weak or incompetent if we have to ask for help (or simply feel inclined to do so). But it's so not the case! It's worth it to break through the fears of asking for help and just say it to a friend, aloud to yourself, or to whatever god/goddess/pachamama comes to mind in the moment.

And remember to give thanks!!!

Salt Flats of Uyuni, Bolivia

Sometimes I Have to Take a Break From Being Spiritual was written on a day where I just needed to check out and take a break from my daily life of pondering, questioning, and always looking for signs or deeper meaning.

I've been told that my daily life is quite different from the rest of the world's. Who really knows anyways? What I do know is that I tend to spend my days teaching yoga, living my dreams, feeling convicted in my path of being a healer for others, and just generally thinking and acting in the metaphysical, esoteric, fuzzy, opposite from cut and dry sorta way.

And I like it! Who am I kidding it's my path and I LOVE IT! But sometimes, as with everyone, I get overwhelmed. I get tired of always feeling empathy for others, of trying to figure out the 'why's and the sources. So read this article to feel inspired in what to do on the days that you want to take a break from being spiritual and just have a little FUN! And to know that you are not alone in not feeling perfect all the time, no one does.

Namaste y'all!!!

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