Thursday, October 3, 2013

Namaste - Meaning?

Hey Folks.

So today I feel inspired to share with you something very simple yet often very confusing or overlooked - 
the meaning of Namaste.

What does this now 'mainstream' word mean anyways?
Ever heard it at the end of a yoga class?
How about in the movie Gandhi?
Or maybe in the hilarious Yoga Girl video..

When I say this at the end of a class, I often give an explanation. But recently I've realized that it isn't so much an explanation as a simple, this is what I'm saying, followed by 'namasté'.

So as a yoga teacher and fan of spreading general yoga knowledge, I'm surprised by how seldom I actually get asked this question. Especially because usually the answer is followed by a lot of 'Oh, I've always wondered that' or 'oh yes, makes sense.'

Some clarity deserves to be awarded here!

To me, namaste means:

'the spirit in me honoring the spirit in you'
'the light within me recognizing the light within you'
'the divine in me grateful for and honoring the divine within you'

google's definition:
  1. 1.
    a respectful greeting said when giving a namaskar.

So even if you don't feel like you know, trust, or understand what the exact definition of namaste is, just let yourself be entertained by the feelings you get at the end of a yoga class, immersed in nature, surrounded by bliss, embraced by light.

What does namaste mean to you?

Overlooking the Bridger Mountains.

"Namaste to me means, I respect you, I acknowledge you, I truly do see the light in you.
We're on the same page, were playing the same game.
Truly I can unite with your heart.. I can unite.. with you.
Ya know?"
~friend & VivaMyYogini, Missy O'Malley

Namasté y'all!

ps- this video is also a SUPER relaxing way to learn more about namaste..

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