Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Super Moon Trip to Salt Lake City

First stop, the Coffee Pot Bakery outside of 4 Corners

This past Sunday was a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon was closer to the Earth in its elliptical orbit than any other time this year. Next one will be August 10, 2014 as super moons occur about every 14 moon cycles (thank you Wikipedia!). 
Love that this time it was a powerful Capricorn FULL moon! 

So what does that mean? It means that we get an even better glimpse of the beauty of the moon (when was the last time you admired it?) and also that as with any full moon, things tend to be a little crazy (cray cray). Full moons are a time for whatever you are feeling or experiencing to be magnified, whether seemingly good or bad. For some people they evoke a time of crisis, for some a time of opportunity. To me this is similar to stepping onto your yoga mat, sitting in meditation, travelling, or simply deciding to take the reins of your own being!

PranaWorld states that,
It depends on our overall state and activity during the full moon day to cultivate its positive or negative effects.

I would say my weekend trip to Salt Lake City was most certainly full of both. We experienced a lot!

Rest Stop Trikonasana
The purpose of this voyage was to go visit my dear sister Karen and her lovely husband Shane and to visit with them while enjoying the beautiful bounty of the great city of Salt Lake. I endeavored on this voyage with my wonderful friend KP, another mystical healer and being who plays the spiritual role of protector in my life. When we are together, magical coincidences appear left and right!

The first of this was being stopped by a road block near Big Sky (in Montana there are 2 seasons- road work season, and winter). We ended up striking up a conversation with one of the road workers, who ended up showing us some of his massive yellow calcite crystals he had found in the earth where they were digging to expand the road. For any of you who know me, crystals are my jam! I'm a crystal mamma! KP too! It was pretty cool to start off our trip by being shown with pride some of the most stunning things I've seen come out of this earth (Bonus! Yellow Calcite is one of the stones I brought with me on my Perusing Adventure this past winter to hand out as a token of positive energy, connecting my land to the lands I was visiting).

2013 Super Moon

Less than 2 hours later, in Ashton, Idaho, we experienced a motorcyclist take his last breaths here on earth. It was a pretty devastating accident and we drove by right as they were giving him CPR. I felt myself take an enormously large breath and in that moment I just knew that he was either coming back to or drifting off into another space and time. I very much felt like the 2 of us were there to help him on his way and send love and light to the situation. We found out the next day that he had indeed passed away. Please send his family and loved ones strength and support. He was a very loved man and we were sure to honor the significance of that moment.

So you can see where our trip followed in accordance with the super moon, intensely positive and then drastically real and crisis like, all within the first 3 hours! I can appreciate that ride! And honestly I revel times in high energy like this, whether good or bad. It just makes me feel so alive!

The rest of our trip was equally meaningful but I won't go into all of what we saw and experienced here. I will however be sure to let all of you know what a truly FABULOUS city Salt Lake is! If you are a foodie and a nature lover, than don't hesitate to get to know this wonderful place if the opportunity presents itself.

With Karen beside her beautiful garden
Karen & Shane live in an area called the marmelade district, so filled with fruit trees that it is (think road names like Quince St & Apricot Ave- love it!). They live a comfortable and simple life right by Capitol Hill and close to Temple Square. Within walking distance are great places to eat and plenty of beautiful recreation areas. Did you know that SLC is one of the top 10 veg/vegan/gf/food alternative cities in the country? I didn't!

The SLC co-op
We went to the Saturday Farmer's Market. I was touched by the 14 year olds and prisoners alike selling their produce. The stall with men from the prison actually really stuck a chord with me and got me all choked up. How amazing for these men to be given a chance to give back, to do something healthy, and to get their hands in the dirt. We all deserve this type of therapy and I was very happy for them to be receiving it.

We went to a co-op, in the true sense of the word. For those of you who live in Bozeman, you know what I am talking about. It was affordable, basic, simple, sensational, local, and seasonal. We ate at a raw food restaurant, snacked on cheese and olives at the Italian market, ate Brugges & Frittes at the Belgian restaurant.. and basically spent half of the trip indulging in true foodie delights. Along with scenic walks, great conversation, and lots of happy meal making and coffee drinking.

Koeing Aman, aka Heaven Here on Earth.

Karen & Shane live an exemplary lifestyle. They are active, well-balanced, healthy, strive to do well by their community and each other, and really live to be happy. It was so refreshing and wonderful to see the life they have created for themselves and the love they share for each other. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my sisters while I was there. They really are my biggest role models and I am so in awe of their grace, compassion, beauty, confidence, and spunkiness! It's nice to be at that age in life where we've moved beyond teenage cattiness and into a sense of respect and appreciation.
Karen & Shane, at the delicious raw food restaurant Zest

Lots more happened throughout the weekend, lots of bonding and sharing, but mainly just taking the rides and simply enjoying life and the bold affects of the super moon.

What affect did the super moon have on you??

We came across a meditation chapel! Yay!
Other than the stark contrasts that I mentioned at the beginning of our journey, I'd say it was my dreams! On the night of the full moon, I awoke in the middle of the night and before I knew it I found myself drawn to get up and spend some time simply standing in full view of the moon, drinking in its beauty and luminosity, and taking the time to connect with its immense power, just being open to it. Later that night I had the closest thing to a nightmare that I've had in years! It was bizarre, yet healing at the same time.

Lastly I'd like to share Mystic Mamma's advice on the potential offered by the super moon...

See all that you are instead of what you’re not.

Doubt is something that all of us face and that I was experiencing over the last week. It is totally normal, and I embrace it, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily enjoyable or that I particularly like it. So for anyone else who has been surrounded by feelings of doubt as of late, know that you are not alone. Feel free to write me if you just need some reassuring words or to feel heard, and wherever you are, remember to see all that you are, instead of what you're not...  and continue to enjoy the residual affects of the Super MOON!

Namaste y'all!


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