Wednesday, June 19, 2013

108 Sun Salutations for Summer Solstice

Hello all you Viva My Yoginis!

This Friday in honor of Summer Solstice, I'll be leading 108 sun salutations in Beall Park, 7am.

Won't you join me?!

I appreciate this ritual at the turning of every season, but I am always super sure to do this on the Summer Solstice in particular. Summer is my jam! For me, a big part of the power of this ritual is being able to do this practice outside. Here in Montana it's a challenge to do 108 salutations outside when it's not in the middle of June. So here we go!

The importance of ritual cannot be underestimated! And this is certainly one of my favorite of the year. 
Again, won't you join me?! 

And for those of you who say you expect me to do 108 sun salutations, are you crazy?! Well you don't have to actually do every salutation. Sometimes I'll do a half salutation or 2, and sometimes you can just sit in child's for a round or 2. No worries! It's about taking the time to be present and simply set the intention to honor the changing of the seasons and something a bit bigger than anyone of us, it's a chance to participate in feeling that energy that connects us all.

Near or far, step onto your mat and honor la Pachamama and your being.

Namasté Y'all!

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