Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summers in Montana & Friends of a Lifetime

Hiking at Lava Lake - being amongst the presence of good friends in nature always makes me feel so FREE!

Friends are far, friends are near,
Friends will be there to lend an ear,
They listen, laugh, and care,
But most of all, they're always there,
Through thick and thin, up and down,
Your true friends are always around,
For treats, hugs and real big smiles,
They'll travel to you from several miles,
They'll always be there to hold you tight,
Anytime, no matter if it's day or night,
You really know when your friends are sincere, 
When they always show up to lend their ear.
~Bea Williams

I've felt so grateful over these last couple of weeks. I've missed you all! And I promise to start writing more in September but things tend to get kinda crazy here in Montana during the summer. Lots of happenings, lots of people, lots of precious sunlight and warm summer days to 'carpe the diem' with. 

One of the best ways to enjoy Montana (any place actually).. is amongst family and friends. I have had 10 different visitors from over 4 different countries in a little less than 2 weeks. It's been a whirlwhind! But a beautiful one at that. All I really want to reflect on here is the beauty of a true friendship. I am constantly amazed by and inspired by my friends. And the support that I received while many friends were here, and continue to receive from far & wide, is a constant source of amazement and gratitude for me. 

Friends really do help you see the best in yourself and help you follow through with what you deserve, even when you're not sure what it is or you're doubting your own worthiness or strength. My friends helped me to find a new place to live, they ventured off into the unknown with me, they provided me with energy work, good laughs, la buena onda, food, family, community, and a place to enjoy myself, have fun and share my voice. I am oh so grateful.

NYC & San Diego visitors Evan & Jessa being silly with me in the park!

So thank you friends & Viva My Yoginis for visiting & being silly with me, for listening, for knowing me sometimes better than I know myself, for encouraging me, supporting me, allowing me to encourage and support you in return, and for helping me to take the leaps and jumps that I need to follow my dreams, accept happiness, & breathe into my potential.

Birthday dinner with the crew!

I'm off to the ranch for the last Cowgirl Yoga ranch camp of the season. When I get back I will move into my little cottage and the new home of Viva My Yoga headquarters. I am so thrilled to share new offerings with y'all in the Fall! I'm excited to have more interaction and to hear more of your hopes and dreams and how you are following them along your way.

Go find a friend and tell them how GRATEFUL you are for their friendship.


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