Friday, May 31, 2013

Yellowstone & Travelling in the Directions of our Fears

Yellowstone's Mammoth Hot Springs

So much has transitioned in the last few weeks! Maybe it's because May is considered to be the month of manifestation, June the month of creative action. I really wanted to take advantage of this time to put my wants and desires into actions. Only thing is, I kept coming up with blanks! For those of you who read my last blog, I was feeling pretty good about following my passions and desires, keeping it simple, but still I felt like I was still so cloudy and nebulous, without any clear vision as to what my next steps should be.

Well I finally feel like I have my ducks in a row (or at least in more of a line than the chaotic scramble that they were in before). It's challenging to not know what your next steps are when you're someone who believes so strongly in the power of manifestation, who can see the 5-10 year dream line, who has always had a strong intuition of what the next move would be.

But as always, when I most needed them, my friends were there to help (cue the Toy Story theme song). I had a few of my best friends in the world come to visit me in Montana this past week and it definitely provided the motivation, inspiration, combined efforts, and outside perspective that I needed to put some momentum into gear.

Having good friends (or Couchsurfers) visit is something I truly relish. It's like being presented with a travel opportunity without going anywhere! Fresh perspective, a chance for revamping, rejuvenating, broadening horizons, and starting fresh.

This was all enhanced by a remarkable trip to Yellowstone. Did you know that the world's first national park contains more than half of the world's thermal activity?! Wowza!  I spent a lot of my time there pondering the renewal of life, through this mesmerizing landscape. The lands there are literally in constant change- sink holes, geysers, mud pits, all coming and going, literally bubbling and boiling at the surface. Young byson frolicking, testing out their legs and feeling the freedom of life.

I was able to bring this new perspective back with me to Bozeman, appreciating new houses that I had never noticed before, all within just a few blocks from my home.

What can you do to find some new perspective? I'm always a fan of planning and following through on a life changing trip. Having some good friends come to visit can also help. But you don't have to go anywhere or do much of anything in order to gain a renewal of life and spirit that is constantly available to you.

Try setting an intention for your walk, your day, or your yoga practice (i.e. I want to open my eyes to something new today and be made aware of it). Find a new neighborhood or restaurant in your village or talk to a stranger. Simply be open to rejuvenating your soul, bringing new opportunities your way, and enjoying the constant replenishment that life on Earth provides.

I've quoted Einstein often on this blog, and I'll do it again:

'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.'

Through all of this brainstorming, good friendship, and opportunities to see renewal firsthand, I've found much more clarity than I've had in quite some time. I've learned through yoga that what we often fear most is our brightness, not our darkness. I keep searching for the perfect fit in terms of a career, a way to make a living. And it hits me over and over again, that I'm already doing my perfect career, already living my perfect life (however imperfectly).

I have a gift. And it involves helping people to access the inner parts of themselves that tend to seem so elusive. My gift is in helping others to understand, love, embrace, and accept themselves, exactly as they are, with the best vision of themselves in their hearts & minds. I want to help others find and live their very own Personal Legends. I kept telling myself that I needed to know more, have more experience, that I wasn't quite ready to really give my dream my all. 

Not anymore! I'm throwing my hands up in surrender, knowing that whatever I have to offer, it is enough. That whatever my dreams are, they are already coming true and I simply need to continue walking towards them. After all, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step, right? Thank you Lao Tzu!

This is where Viva My Yoga was born- at the heart of accepting my self, giving my gifts, and receiving my needs. I'm expanding my horizons, I'm learning new things, consciously choosing to do things that scare me, and I'm taking tangible (albeit sometimes tremulous) steps to turn my dreams into realities. 

So find that fresh perspective on life, by just being open to it (channel Yellowstone). The more I travel, the more I realize that there are beautiful places to explore everywhere! Walk towards your fears, your brilliancy, and into the very best you. Know that your capabilities are endless and that whatever you most want to offer is probably exactly what someone else is looking to receive.

Thank you Katie ~Thank you Anna ~ Thank you Vicki ~ Thank you Sally
For helping me to recognize my brilliance, for encouraging me to let my light and my best intentions shine through!
Thank you to all my wonderful friends out there far and wide- new, old, and yet to be discovered. 
I love and cherish you all dearly!!

NAMASTE y'all!

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